Daily necessities/store supplies

  • Matches


    Original designs are possible

    As well as our company’s “Clock Mark” and “Large Round Mark” brand matches, we also support a wide range of orders for order-made matches which you can expect to have a strong PR e...

  • Wet Paper towels

    Wet Paper towels

    Amongst wet paper towels, which are created under strictly managed environments confirming to the foodstuff hygiene management technique standard known as HACCP, types with a refre...

  • Wet towels

    Wet towels

    Wet towels which are used to wipe the body found in hospitals and care facilities. They are wrapped one-by-one, meaning that they can be used safely and hygienically. As they are m...

  • Seal


    Original designs are possible

    We manufacture a variety of seals like goods labeling, ingredients labeling, novelty items, from industrial use, business use like office use to promotion. Not to mention the small...