The manufacture and sales of products that are convenient and have aspiration

We at Nittosha, since our founding in December 1923 as "Nittosha Match Manufacturing", have not just made matches, we also deal with the manufacture and sales of products that are convenient and have aspiration such as igniter-based goods and paper-manufactured goods which play a role in everyone's daily lives. Above all, as our companies unique characteristic, we do not just simply sell the goods we create as products, we have developed various goods with added value as a swift SP (Sales Promotion) tool. Since our founding we have always strived for a wide range of endeavor and ability, looking ahead to the needs of the time, capturing trends in consumption, and attaining swift feedback from the market which is put towards new products. We will continue to create products with empathy, bestowing dreams in lifestyles, and clearing the way as a creator of service promotion-related goods through our developed daily devotion to our work.

Nittosha Group's main areas of business

  • Advertising/promotion

    We can create original goods (products with the name included/novelty products) for companies and stores such as wet paper towels, lighters, and fans. We provide total support, from design to manufacturing.

  • Daily necessities/store supplies

    We manufacture and sell high quality goods such as wet paper towels, matches, lighters, and pocket tissues. Original design products for your store can be made, such as wet paper towels.

    Daily necessities/store supplies

    I run tennis schools more than 20,000 22 national student total number.

    Noah Indoor Stage

Main Products

(Products used as presents for attendance at events or for preparation etc.)

  • Lighters


  • Pocket Tissues

    Pocket Tissues

  • Advertisement mask

    Advertisement mask

  • Memo


  • Oil-absorbent paper

    Oil-absorbent paper

  • Flag


  • Advertisement Hand warmer

    Advertisement Hand warmer

  • Other


Daily necessities/store supplies
(General household products/products used for services in stores and companies)

  • Matches


  • Wet Paper towels

    Wet Paper towels

  • Wet towels

    Wet towels

  • Seal


* It is possible to deliver lighters without a name attached (blank)

Other than what is introduced above, we have many other products for sales promotion available.
As well as the relatively common SP products such as coasters and ball pens, we create novelty goods for event supplies and special exhibits in accordance with your various needs.
For those who have thought "I wish there was something like this," or "I want this type of product as an SP tool," please tell us your ideal product.
We await your inquiry.