• Lighters


    Original designs are possible

    With the cooperation of overseas factories we insert names into lighters, and on top of that sell our very own “N Lighter” In addition, we have gathered together an abundant range ...

  • Pocket Tissues

    Pocket Tissues

    Original designs are possible

    Pocket tissues, which have the distribution power to be receiving willingly by anyone regardless of age or gender. Not only for street distribution, they are a representative produ...

  • Advertisement mask

    Advertisement mask

    Original designs are possible

    Ad masks are masks that aren’t simply limited to cold/pollen/dust protection, but that also combine an advertisement functionality! An ad label will be enclosed in the mask’s pack...

  • Memo


    Original designs are possible

    Adhesive memos that are incredibly useful not just in deskwork, but anywhere. Qualitatively, especially given that it’ll be left on a desk for quite a long time, it’s a very appea...

  • Oil-absorbent paper

    Oil-absorbent paper

    Original designs are possible

    The cleansing paper made by Nittosha uses 100% natural fibers, is incredibly smooth thanks to special processing and is very soft against the skin. It has a remarkable capillary e...

  • Flag


    Original designs are possible

    Made-to-order vivid banners that will appeal to customers and those passing by with concrete visuals including pictures of new products, as well as seasonal merchandise and events....

  • Advertisement Hand warmer

    Advertisement Hand warmer

    Original designs are possible

    “Warmers that transmit warmth and a warm heart directly.” Warmers are a novelty item that are useable in both winter and summer. They can exhibit a tremendous effect at winter ev...

  • Other


    Original designs are possible

    We develop, produce and sell a wide variety of sales promotion items, like ballpoint pens, boxes of tissues that have a dynamic and impactful advertising effect, fans that have bec...